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 An ocean minded individual is one that is drawn to the ocean and feels a sense of calm, is at peace and is rejuvenated when in or around it. The scent of the salt air, the exposed mangroves at low tide and just the site of the ocean is an important part of everyday life for an ocean minded individual. They acknowledge the fact that the world's oceans are extremely important to all living things and ultimately, make the world go round. They also feel a need to protect it anyway they can. Picking up a few extra pieces of trash as they leave the beach, participating in local clean ups and advocating for healthy waterways and bays is just a few of the things that an ocean minded individual might do. 

Are you an ocean minded individual? Would you like to be? There are numerous organizations that help to protect what we love. The Surfrider Foundation is one of them and they have multiple chapters throughout the world. You can donate, volunteer and learn more about how they fight for our oceans, beaches and waterways. No matter how you prefer to enjoy the world's oceans, do so with respect and protect what you love. 

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