picture of Tony Thomas and David Yepez on a dock standing in front of a stand up paddle board holding the paddle bracket and the paddle bucket

Photo Credit: Tanya Kristina


Paddle boarding has grown as both a recreational water activity and competitive sport in recent years. On average, paddle boarding for an hour will burn anywhere from 330 to 460 calories which is twice the calories you would burn while walking. You can find SUP yoga classes, SUP Pilates and even strength training classes being offered in most beachside communities. Combine the health benefits with the fact that you get to be outside, in the sun and on the water. That is a win-win situation and the best way to get exercise is while doing something that you enjoy.

Having the opportunity to get exercise and keep your waterways clean is where the Paddle Bracket and the Paddle Bucket come into play. You can get your exercise in and make a small dent in helping to clean the waterways you enjoy paddling on. It becomes a scavenger hunt on the water and is really good time. You wouldn't believe the things you can find littering the surface and on the bottom. Get out of the gym, get some exercise and make difference all while protecting what you love.


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