Image of SUP with 10L and 15L Paddle Bucket with Trash and Tire

Photo Credit: David Yepez

If you are in the market for a new paddle board and unsure of what type of board to get, you are not alone. The market for SUP's has grown quite a bit over the years and it could seem like there are never ending options. From inflatables to traditional solid boards to sports specific, like fishing, surfing or racing boards, options are not in short supply. Your best bet is to start out by thinking about what type of paddling you plan on doing most. Do you just want to hit the water and cruise with your friends, then perhaps a touring board is the right option for you. Maybe you like the idea of doing long distances and logging miles, then definitely look into a race board. If you live in an apartment and storage space is not ideal, then an inflatable is the way to go. They help to solve the storage problem and are also a great option if you would like to travel with them on your next adventure. 


For cleanups, my go to board is a touring board. Then tend to be anywhere from ten to twelve feet in length and around twenty-two to twenty-six inches wide. This gives me more than enough room on the deck of the board to mount both my 10L and 15L Paddle Bucket. Plus, I always have room for any odd, shaped items I might pick up along the way. Regardless of what type of board you end up getting, make sure it suits your needs, fits your storage capabilities and is something you will use. 



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